Story-Driven Social Game Tynon Released

Launching today from uCool is a new sort of web game, social fantasy RPG / city-building game Tynon

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In Tynon, the King has come under the affliction of a dark wizard’s spell and it’s up to players to help the elite knight Rosaline and a band of heroes to rescue the king and save the thirteen kingdoms from the dark wizard’s magic. The lands continue to burn while wicked goblins roam free, serpent queens plague Verdant City, and the kingdom is threatened by disaster and slavery.

Players must also help Rosaline rebuild the Imperial City to its former glory. With the cooperative ability to enlist the aid of friends from Facebook and other social networks, players can upgrade and customize their cities and gain resources by visiting neighboring towns. Hundreds of quests will be available to earn more resources, gold and gems to upgrade your city, armor and battle skills.

This title is unique to the social/web gaming scene with its blend of questing, action, role-playing, social and strategy gameplay elements all brought together by a team of industry veterans who have worked on games like Evony.

Key gameplay features:

  • Build an Empire – City-building mechanics let players create their own custom kingdoms
  • Single Player Adventure – Travel the realm and battle different foes across 100 levels, collecting unique heroes, epic loot and gold and other resources
  • Animated Combat – Vivid battle scenes provide for an immersive single-player experience
  • RPG Customization – Adventurers select which heroes make up their party, customizing them with special weapons, armor, and more
  • Interact with Friends – Utilize the help of friends to upgrade cities, as well as gain resources by visiting and maintaining their towns
  • PvP – Strengthen heroes and improve party formations to defeat friends and online foes, or race other players in daily resources challenges to win awards and recognition on worldwide ranking boards that scale by player level and time played
  • Conquer Quests – Complete quests to receive gold and gems, which can be used to upgrade weapons and armor, level up heroes, and construct special buildings

You can get started over at!


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