Trion Announces Free-to-Play Online Voxel Adventure RPG, Trove

Everyone loves voxels, and Trion Worlds is no exception. Their latest project, dubbed Trove, is a free-to-play exploration game which stretches across many genres, and with many features we've never really seen in other voxel games. 

We'll be seeing elements of both sandboxes and RPGs present, with players able to explore a huge multiverse. Here's what we know about game features (more details in Massively's interview):

  • Anchoring you is your cornerstone -- a home plot that you can bring with you across worlds.
  • Full universe full of world 'spawns' -- each is temporary and really just meant to explore and move on
  • They are generated when you log in and may or may not disappear upon logout
  • Two types - public, with rare resources and specific objectives, and private worlds which you explore yourself or with a group
  • Players will be able to create and build things outside of the game, and then import these creations directly into online worlds
  • Dynamically generated worlds which are fully constructible and destructible
  • Multiclassing available -- you can master everything (no word on what these classes will be yet)
They're now accepting signups for Alpha testers, so head on over to to register and read more! Trion will be communicating directly with alpha testers through mediums like Reddit and forums to determine game direction, so this community will undoubtedly be important to the future of the game. We'll be sure to keep an eye on this title as it evolves, so stay tuned.
Our active wiki community over at Gamepedia has already started a Trove wiki, so be sure to head over there and contribute or just read what's there so far!


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