Tribes: Ascend to Release 'Accelerate' Update This Week

Hi-Rez Studios has announced an update coming to Tribes: Ascend this week:  Accelerate will dramatically speed up the process by which players unlock weapon upgrades and earn new items.  Check out the video above and watch the developers describe the new upgrade system and show off some of the new weapon variants, two new Capture and Hold maps, and balance adjustments!

Tribes PK has also made a debut - this next chapter in the Tribes franchise invites players to come 'fold for free' with their new... papercraft downloads.  A clever trailer and the downloads themselves can be found at

Tribes: Ascend is a free-to-play FPS for PC with unlockable classes, weapons, skills, and perks.  In this sci-fi shooter, players traverse beautiful landscapes with jetpacks and vehicles as they fight to complete objectives and stay alive. 

Head over to to register, and be sure to frequent for constant FPS news and updates!


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