Tribes: Ascend Beta Gets Team Deathmatch in Latest Patch

The team at Hi-Rez Studios has been churning out updates for Tribes: Ascend, which is currently in closed beta. The massively multiplayer first-person shooter has had a lot of success in closed beta, and users haven't been shy in leaving feedback with the team at Hi-Rez.

Accordingly, the studio released another game update for Tribes: Ascend this morning, bringing the game up to version 0.1.585. In this update, Hi-Rez has introduced Team Deathmatch as a playable game mode on two maps. Additionally, the patch includes: 

  • Reduced the token amounts required to unlock classes.
  • Added a “First Win of the Day” Challenge which rewards additional XP and tokens.
  • Fixed a number of bugs that caused sudden speed drops when skiing or jetting uphill.
  • Added the “Orbital Strike” call-in.   It is similar to the Tactical Strike, with a much wider radius and higher credit cost.
  • Settings: “Reduce Weapon Size” option has been added along with many others, including an option to disable help messages.
As always, the patch contains many bugfixes as well, making the Tribes: Ascend experience that much more smooth and enjoyable. For more information on the closed beta and how you can get involved, check out


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