Torchlight Announces Official Release!

Torchlight will officially release today and is obtainable at the Torchlight Website! If you've missed the fanfare surrounding Torchlight now is your chance to get caught up!

Torchlight Background

The team is made up of industry veterans including Max and Erich Schaefer, two of the co-founders of Blizzard North, developers of Diablo and Diablo II, Travis Baldree, the project director for Mythos and creator of FATE, and many other talented individuals.

 Torchlight is set in a mining-turned-boomtown situated above a recently-discovered vein of rich magical ore. The ore is a potent substance that can be harnessed to grant the wielder great power, but by the same token imperils the lives of all those around them. There's lots of underworld caverns and creatures to test your abilities and there seems to be a brighter overtone to the game despite the screenshots taking place underground (go lava!).

Recently, several big baddies have been coming out from the darkness under the town. Players will choose from among three character classes, and venture from the safety of the town of Torchlight into randomly generated dungeon levels, with a huge variety of creepy monsters, endless variations of loot to find, and quests to complete. The endless randomization ensures a long-lived gameplay experience.

 Here's a look at the three available classes and their introduction into Torchlight:

The Alchemist:

The Vanquisher:

The Destroyer:

Torchlight Screenshots

Playing Torchlight

We were fortunate enough to have been able to play this game before release date. We had time to experiment with each class and have spent hours exploring beneath the city. Here's a list of some of the things you might enjoy in Torchlight:

  1. Randomization – Levels are randomly created, so it never gets boring. By randomly creating a level it's really a different experience each time you play. Monsters will attack you from different locations, treasures and puzzles will hold the same intrigue and difficulty when tracking them down, and items will drop randomly as you face off against different monsters in different locations on different maps every time.
  2. Very Simple Interface – The interface is very intuitive, if you've ever looked at a computer screen before you're going to find this a snap to pickup and start playing.
  3. Retirement System – As you rank your character up and train them you're given the option to retire that character and give NEW characters that you create certain benefits learned from the old character. This ads a whole new level of strategy when you retire your Alchemist to play something else.
  4. Pets – In Torchlight players can have pets that will battle alongside them. Pets can fight with you, hold things, and help you on your journey in a number of ways. It's a comforting feeling having them there with you, and they AI for pets is developed very well.
  5. Customization – As soon as you start playing you begin to differentiate your character from other characters of the same class. With a pet, treasure drops, and other cosmetic choices you have a unique character after your first few dungeon crawls.
  6. Map Editor – Runic Games has embraced the modding community by including an editor so that allows players to design and share content. Creating your own maps and then powering through them is really a blast.

Torchlight should stand out as the only smash'n'bash game with this level of detail and replay ability in recent history. To find out how you can pickup a copy of Torchlight visit their official website at:



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