Torchlight Release Date and Price Announced At PAX!

Torchlight has announced at PAX that they will be launching October 27th  and will be fully downloadable for $19.99! Torchlight was on display at PAX over the weekend and we had the opportunity to check out several of the classes and run through the levels.

There are three playable classes: Destroyer, Alchemist, and Vanquisher. Each of these classes has several unique abilities for smashing, zapping, and piercing their opponents. Levels are randomly created so each adventure is unique. Monsters, treasure, puzzles and items are also different each time you play the game!

We were able to get some hands-on time with the Destroyer class. He's a powerful berserker who specializes in close-ranged combat

Here's the description for the Destroyer class:

The Destroyer

An endless wanderer, who is drawn to conflict with his dual-welding blades, was led to Torchlight after hearing of the evils befallen it. Through channeling the power of his ancestors, the Destroyer excels at close-quarter combat and is able to smite his foes with such ferocity as to easily dispatch multiple enemies at once. With a strong sense of virtue, the Destroyer sets out to deal justice with his blades, but things may not be as simple in Torchlight as they appear.


 With a darkness rising to cloud the Destroyer’s judgment, only time will tell whether or not the draw of Ember will tempt his soul into corruption.

Video of the Destroyer class in action:




Here's a look at the final Torchlight Teaser Trailer:


For more information on the game visit the Torchlight website!


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