The Curse Secret World Beta Key Giveaway

Curse has beta keys for The Secret World!!  We have limited quantities so hurry up and don't miss your chance to experience this massive modern-day online game!

Be part of "Kingsmouth Calling, Part Two"  The Secret World's Beta Weekend Part #2 beginning on Friday May 18th at 9am PDT until Sunday May 20th at 11:59om PDT.

In this Beta Weekend event, players must return to Kingsmouth as an initiate of the Templars and investigate the myths and mysteries of the town and its surrounding areas. In addition to all the content of the previous Beta Weekend, in this event you get to meet more of the brave and resourceful holdouts in Kingsmouth to learn their stories and pursue the many new missions they have for you

Several characters, storylines and missions have been added since the previous Beta Weekend.

You can head over to the scrapyard and talk to Edgar. Apart from his two mean dogs, Tango and Cash, Edgar hasn’t seen many friendly faces lately. Not only has the scrap he has collected over the years come alive, and risen as powerful golems, but he is also neck deep in zombies. Edgar could really use your help to rid himself of some barrels of highly flammable gasoline – and some zombies.

Further instructions are available at the giveaway page - remember, this is for the event starting May 18th, so act quickly!


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