The Secret World Pushed Back, Released Date Pegged at June 19th

Funcom has announced today that they will be releasing their highly anticipated MMO The Secret World on June 19th, 2012. The game was previously slated for an April release, but Funcom has decided to invest more time in the game before launch to ensure the best possible experience for players.

The Secret World, of course, takes place in an alternate reality version of the modern world. In The Secret World, there are three secret societies raging for power; The Illuminati, The Templars and The Dragons. Players will choose which faction to align themselves to as they begin a quest filled with investigations, mystery and action. The Secret World also boasts a unique classless player system, where rather than choose a class and profession, players build a set of skills and abilities using The Secret World's Deck system.

For more on The Secret World, be sure to stay tuned to our continued coverage of the game and drop by Funcom's official website at


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