Funcom Holds The Secret World Q&A On Facebook

Funcom has fielded a ton of question from the community on The Illuminati, one of three factions in their upcoming MMO The Secret World. This past week has been Illuminati Week for Funcom, as they reveal screenshots, backstory and so much more surrounding this mysterious faction.

The full Q&A is available on Facebook, but check out a snippet below:

How will the Illuminati being located in New York affect gameplay? Will there be chances to interact with city?

Players will travel to locations within the city to complete some missions, but perhaps you refer to other types of interactions? I can give one example: Very early in the game, the player follows a trail of Illuminati surveillance cameras through the city. Later the player will be able to access a computer which allows them to view live feeds of the city streets through those very cameras.

Will there ever be a chance to befriend those in the Illuminati if you're not part of it or is the rivalry in the game pretty set in stone?

Players in the Illuminati are free to form alliances (PvE grouping) with who they will. NPC's in the Illuminati will talk to the members of other factions - even work with them if they need to - but it would be a stretch to say that they will ever be friends.

Will the members of the illuminati be free to walk in the illuminati Headquarters and explore things?

Well, this is a multi-story massive underground complex we are talking about. If you know the elevator code to reach a floor, you can get there. But there are areas that you will not be able to enter until you are asked (or forced) to.

Can you give us some any more insight into Kirsten Geary? We know she's an instructor and contact for newly assigned Illuminati, but does she have her own goals?

Kirsten is the model Illuminati - ruthlessly capable. The last decade of Illuminati stars all owe their start to Kirsten, and usually end up owing many other things to her as well. She is upfront about the viciousness of the organization - she honestly wants her charges to succeed, not least because of the kudos she racks up because of it, but she is absolutely prepared to sign a death warrant on your third strike.

In a recent article this was said: "New players approached by the Illuminati are persuaded to join for their own good." What exactly is meant by "for their own good"? Do they threaten to kill / ruin them if they don't join, or is it more of a "we can offer you your wildest dreams." kind of thing? Or maybe something else?

There are certain veiled threats in there, but who knows what they would come to? After all, by the time this happens the player has already made their choice. The player is also offered their wildest dreams too, so it kind of balances out.

The Illuminati are a fascinating faction and we're looking forward to seeing them, alongside the Dragon and Templar factions when The Secret World releases later this year. For more information on the game, be sure to check out The full Q&A can be found on The Secret World's Facebook page.


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