The Agency preview by CVG

CVG very recently posted a preview of The Agency on their site. They also got ahold of a couple of screenshots. View one of them below -- check out the rest at CVG's website.

Sony Online Entertainment have been behind the mighty EverQuest, the thoroughly messed-up Star Wars Galaxies, and the innovative online FPS PlanetSide, so you can be sure it was a big deal when they announced a brand-new MMO late last year.

In The Agency, you get to live the life of a James Bond-style agent taking sides with one of two organisations, arming yourself with some cool gadgets and modern weaponry to defeat ridiculous world-domination plots in a fast-paced shooter with the persistence of an online game.

The two factions, ParaGON (Paramilitary Global Operations) and UNITE (United Nations Intelligence and Tactical Experts) differ in their methods and means, but they aren't strictly opposing each other.


"Think of them as friendly rivals who, on occasion, blow each other up," laughs senior world designer Kevin O'Hara. "On some missions, you'll have to work together with the other faction to take down a major world villain. Much of the time, however, the two factions will find reason to get in each others' way."

Apparently there'll be a good number of PvP maps for UNITE and ParaGON to necessitate violence between real players across the world, and familiar modes like Capture The Flag, Deathmatch and Control Point, as well as special mission maps where you have PvE goals - effectively you versus the game, while avoiding the other players.

Full preview here.

the agency


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