Terraria Out Now for Consoles!

The day is finally here -- the much awaited Terraria breaks ground on consoles and is out now on XBLA and PSN US priced 1200 points/$14.99 (EU date TBA). Console players are going wild over at Terraria Online, so be sure to drop by and visit. 505 Games asks for your very first Console creations at this thread!

This new version of the beloved game includes:

  • Reworked controls optimized for consoles
  • World map
  • Split-screen multiplayer
  • Revamped tutorial
  • New content, including bosses, enemies, gear, pets, music, and more!

The Terraria team often posts small teasers and discussions on the Terraria Online forums under 505Games or Redigit, so for the most current updates from them be sure to follow activity there!  You can also find guides, maps, server listings, an amazing wiki, and everything you need to make your Terraria experience complete.

You can also find tons of playable maps right here at Curse! Head to to browse and download.


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