Terraria Wiring System: A Holiday Light Show

For the holiday season, Terraria Online had a contest calling all artistic minds of the community to bring forth their best holiday creations for a shot at winning some sweet prizes!  One of the many amazing submissions, by YouTube user TerrariDav, got so many requests for a separate feature that we simply had to oblige.  Enjoy his synchronized holiday light show, shown above!

What makes this even more amazing is the video released shortly after which combs through the wiring system used:

Find out everything there is to know about the game at the Official Terraria Wiki, including a list of confirmed future additions to the game.  

Terraria developers often post small teasers and discussions on the Terraria Online forums under the names Redigit and Tiy, so for the most current updates from them be sure to follow their activity there!  You can also find guides, maps, server listings and everything you need to make your Terraria experience complete.


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