Terraria Dev Blog: Bunny Power + Release Date for 1.1

Terraria developer Redigit has posted a blog on Terraria Online, giving us a taste of some new things to come in 1.1 and even dropping a prospective release date for us!  The developers are aiming for a December 1st release date for the long-awaited patch.

Key new tidbits in this development blog include a new hell boss called Wall of Flesh, plus a new Mechanics system which will allow players to create devices (pictured above).  For more information, check out the full post at Terraria Online.

Find out everything there is to know about the game at the Official Terraria Wiki, including a list of confirmed future additions to the game.

Terraria developers often post small teasers and discussions on the Terraria Online forums under the names Redigit and Tiy, so for the most current updates from them be sure to follow their activity there!  You can also find guides, maps, server listings and everything you need to make your Terraria experience complete.


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