First Ever TERA CE Unboxing!

En Masse Entertainment were gracious enough to send us the first TERA physical collector's edition released!

This is the moment that Amira and all of you TERA Fans have been waiting for; watch her and Pico unbox the TERA CE!

The box contains:

  • A Letter of Marquee
  • A map of the world of TERA
  • A compass
  • A Valkyon Federation handbook
  • A copy of TERA!

Unfortunately all physical collector's editions are sold out, but you can still pre-order TERA on the En Mass Entertainment website!

Incorporating  a real-time battle system with a third person camera view into  a fantasy MMO, TERA has a lot to offer to players.  Typical features such as quests, crafting, and PvP action are available, but one of the main differences between TERA and other fantasy games is the battle system:  Rather than tab-targeting a victim, players manually target an enemy with cross-hairs and actively dodge enemy attacks!

For more information, be sure to check out the TERA Fans Wiki and visit


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