En Masse Launches 'TERA Answers' To Offer Solutions to Your Questions

En Masse Entertainment has launched a brand new section of TERA's website that aims to answer questions that fans may have regarding the upcoming MMO.

Tera Answers is a place where fans and players alike can submit questions to the development team and browse previously submitted (and answered) questions that other users have submitted. It works like a message board or a forum with the exception that the development team will be regularly checking these updates and doing their best to provide answers to these questions. Members of the community can quickly rate questions to give them more exposure and thus make them more likely to be answered by the development team. This will be a great way to elevate important questions and hide some of the more trollish ones.

Some of the questions being submitted now discuss closed-beta testing, difficulty level of dungeons and the newly announced raised level cap of 60. Check out TERA Answers at and be sure to visit TERA Fans for more information on the game!


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