Seth Iorio Steps In As Frogster's New CEO

Frogster Interactive, the publisher best known for Runes of Magic, TERA and Eligium have announced that effective January 1st, 2012 Seth Iorio, pictured to the right, has been appointed the companies new Chief Executive Officer.

Iorio was appointed Managing Director and COO of Frogster Online Gaming back in October of 2010, where he took over the "technical and customer-focused areas of Customer Care, Community Management, Payment and Fraud Management, Localization, Programming and IT."

A legal graduate, Seth Iorio brings a steep history in national and international ecnonomics and information technology law. As Frogster moves forward with multinational games, including TERA Online and the upcoming Eligium, it looks like Iorio has a lot to bring to the table. Iorio also serves as COO and Executive Board Member of Gameforge, Frogster's parent company.

For more on TERA Online, check out For Runes of Magic, you can visit The Runes of Magic Wiki at

Best of luck to Seth Iorio and the team at Frogster Interactive!


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