Curse Visits NCSoft for Tabula Rasa Hands On

We have an enormous amount of information on Tabula Rasa after our visit to NCSoft headquarters in Austin, Texas. Everything from my detailed experience of the visit, a game trailer, many new information pages on our Tabula Rasa Wiki, and quite a few images - ranging from screenshots, to concept art - all new and ready to be taken in for the first time ever, right here on Curse!

Because of the size of the Hands On article, it's been placed on the wiki with an overview and multi-page layout. It's very easy to navigate and each page covers a different topic of the day's events. I've also included the main link, and page links below.

Once you're done digesting everything there is to read about the game, head over to our image gallery and check out the images. You can find all of the Tabula Rasa Hands On images in our gallery. And of course, be sure to check out the older images in our Tabula Rasa Image Gallery - over 200 images and counting already.

You can also find lots of information on the game - both new and old - on our Tabula Rasa Wiki, including a Q&A with Richard Garriott himself on the Logos language. Plus, there are plenty of Career pages - just head over to the Careers section to read up on everything you can play up to level 30, including two previously undisclosed Tier 4 careers - the Grenadier and the Engineer.

When that's all said and done, feel free to post on our Tabula Rasa Forums about anything you'd like to regarding the game. I may even be able to answer some questions about the NCSoft visit - though obviously many things are still under NDA.


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