Tabula Rasa Pre-Order Bonus Pack Ships

The Pre-Order Bonus Pack for Richard Garriott's highly anticipated game - Tabula Rasa - shipped to retailers today. Players who choose to pre-order the game will receive a number of special perks including a three-day head start, exclusive character emotes, exclusive in-game pets, access to the beta and a DVD with the game client, bonus wallpapers and art.

“There is an amazing amount of anticipation for Tabula Rasa’s launch within our development team and the player community,” said Richard Garriott, executive producer. “The player feedback at this point has been extremely helpful and we’re putting the final touches on the game. This pre-order release truly marks the final stages in developing this epic adventure, and since owning the pre-order allows players beta access, it is a great way to try Tabula Rasa out before we launch the game.”

To read more about the Pre-Order Bonus Pack, head over to NCSoft's press release. If you're ready to get your hands on the game, you can visit the NCSoft Store to set up your Pre-Order. The bonus pack will be available for download from the store beginning Friday, August 10th.


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