TR Patch Notes - 10/05/07

The beta of Tabula Rasa is winding down, so they're in crunch time to get the gameplay polished for release. This morning a new patch was published that introduced a number of key changes to the crafting system, as well as some general changes and improvements. Check the notes out below for more details.


  • Ligo is now open.
  • Bug fixes, balance changes, optimizations galore!
  • The “Enhance” logos element has been moved to a new location in order to help alleviate player population issues.
  • Reward packages have been updated for the following map’s control points:
    • Wilderness
    • Divide
    • Palisades
    • Plains
    • Incline
    • Mires
  • The following map’s Targets of opportunity missions now provide two additional titles based on all assault token and defense token missions being handed in at least once at each control point:
    • Wilderness
    • Divide
    • Palisades
    • Plains
    • Mires
    • Abyss
    • Plateau
    • Pools
    • Marshes
    • Descent
    • Crucible
    • Ashen Desert
  • Avatars will now perform a backroll when they are knocked back if the blow does not do enough damage to knock them to their back.

UI Updates

  • The chat window is now resizeable.
  • Tabs are now on top - right click a tab for options, to adjust filters, colors, and font sizes.
  • You can now resize your chat text font size by right clicking on the chat-tab.
  • New Game Options: Enable/Disable Battle Cries and Overhead display options.
  • Overhead chat bubbles added.
  • Tabbed Backpack added - 5 categories: equipment, consumabels, crafting, mission, and misc.
  • Health/Armor,Power and Adrenaline bars in the lower left of your UI now glow red when you are in combat mode.
  • Removed the CPU meter in the Performance Tracker window. This has the significance of removing the call to GetSystemTimes() which prevented Win2K players from running TR.
  • You can no longer create a character name that contains special characters, numbers, or letters that repeat more than twice in a row.
  • Loot threshold options in party options are now color coded.
  • Slots in attribute window, weapon tray, and ability tray will now highlight when dragging an item or ability over it that can be dropped in that slot.
  • There is now a larger big text display when mousing over a region/zone teleporter.
  • There is now a big text display when tier selection is available.
  • The new default settings for chattabs will include 4 tabs:
  1. General: includes everything except LFG, Trade and combat messages
  2. LFG
  3. Trade
  4. Combat
  • In addition, all default chat tabs will have Whisper and Party filters turned on.
  • You now have the option to turn on and off chat bubble display for whispers and local chat.
  • You now have the option to turn on and off overhead con display for NPCs, Players, Party members, your avatar, hostile, neutral, and friendlies.
  • Walk speed is no longer affected by movement speedup mods.
  • There is now an option to display chat bubbles over a player’s head in game options.
  • There are now options for displaying overhead con for NPCs, Players, and Mobs in game options.

Skills and Abilities

  • Conversion now heals your party members for the amount of damage your health and armor took combined (not just your health).
  • Shield Extender will only apply against ranged attacks made from outside the shield.
  • Damage Modifying effects have had their stacking mechanics reworked; this will somewhat lessen the extreme damages you could do with multiple effects stacked.
  • The base critical chance & bonus from being crouched have been slightly lowered.
  • The Reactivate ability from Polymorph – Machina will now automatically activate shortly after dying, rather than being an ability that’s activated.
  • Fixed a problem where virulent damage wouldn’t resist based on armor correctly.

Control Points

  • The following maps now have their control points missions online:
    • Abyss
    • Plateau
    • Pools
    • Marshes
    • Descent
    • Howling Maw
    • Crucible
    • Ashen Desert
    • Thunderhead


  • Crafting skills have been renamed and their descriptions tweaked slightly:
    • Engineering: Photonics (was Crafting: Optics)
    • Engineering: Genetics (was Crafting: Medical)
    • Engineering: Chemistry (was Crafting: Explosives)
    • Engineering: Thermodynamics (was Crafting: Forcefields)
  • Removed ambiguous Item Enhancements.
    • Used to be able to get “Body +X” or “Body +Y%”
    • “By percent” versions are gone now
  • Weapons no longer get attribute enhancements.
  • Weapons can now get damage resistance enhancements.
  • Loot system can now generate weapons with multiple target damage resistance debuff proc enhancements.
  • Recipes have been altered to fit these rule tweaks:
  • No recipe modifies “all equipment” now, because:
    • No item enhancement can appear on any piece of equipment
    • Weapons and armor DO have similar enhancements for damage resistances and regen buffs, BUT
    • Weapon versions of these are slightly different from armor versions
  • Some recipes have become invalid. (e.g. improving body bonus on a weapon)
  • Some existing recipes may have altered parameters from before.
  • New recipes drop
    • Enhancing damage resists on weapons
    • Enhancing armor regen bonus on weapons
  • Item Enhancements have been tweaked
    • Should no longer be able to stack damage resistances very high
    • Vampire and Resist Debuff Procs had data errors. Their tooltips will be more accurate now
    • Overall balance for item enhancement strength should now more closely resemble sane values
  • Item Enhancement tooltips should be showing a numeric strength value in brackets to the left of the Enhancement description on item tooltips.
  • Each Item Enhancement type now has exactly one type of component associated with it.
    • Each modification recipe should now list this as the ingredient

Fixed Issues from last Patch:

  • Fixed Broken Timer for "Wrench in the Gears."
  • Iapyx Assault tokens now drop properly on the defending Bane of the Control Point.
  • Fixed an issue with Ustor mission “monkey wrench” where it couldn't be completed.
  • Miasma spawns should no longer interfere with players using Logos shrine in Pinhole Falls Caverns.
  • fixed an issue with rez trauma kits where it wasn't updating the attributes on the player's client.
  • All current Control Point missions should now be associated under the correct map headings in the mission log.
  • When you leave a squad that is wargaming you are now kicked out of the wargame session too.
  • Fixed shotgun (and other aura-based weapons) from hurting PvP players when you are not in a wargame yourself.
  • Using the Spy ability Polymorph at any pump level and you holster your weapon, you will now be able to unholster the weapon again.
  • If you make a character and then delete him you may be unable to create another character with that same first name for up to 30 minutes.
  • All of the Hortimunculus pump levels are no longer working the same way.
  • All tooltips for grenades are no longer being incorrectly listed as fragmentation grenades in the ability tray.
  • The Exobiologist ability Hortimonculus is now working as described in the tool tip.
  • The Imperial Valley Control Point is handing no longer out assault and defense tokens incorrectly.
  • If you change your graphic settings to custom and the log out when you log back in your settings will no longer return to high.
  • You should no longer appear to be missing from your clan.
  • Rez Trama Kits I and II now update the Rez Sickness timer correctly.

Known Issues:

  • For the Torcastra Prison Instance, the spawners inside are not scaling in number in relation to the player group size.
  • Players with Audigy 2 sound cards may be unable to hear some sounds or use voice chat.
  • Fithic and Warnets are tougher than they should be.
  • ATI 9800 Radeon Pro AGP card users may have sky disortion when graphics settings are on low.
  • After crafting items, the "take all" button does nothing when pressed. You must right-click an item to place it in your inventory.
  • Explosive Wave in PVP combat does not appear to do the correct amount of damage as per the tooltip text.
  • Pump level 2 "Called Shot: Arm" does not reduce the rate of fire from enemies.
  • Village Ruins instance not scaling the number of mobs for a squad.
  • You may not be able to access pre-order bonus pack in-game bonus items until you log out and back in after creating a new character.
  • After deleting a character, you may be unable to create a new character in the old character slot.
  • Linkers continue firing their special attack even after their target has died and respawned.
  • Stealth Armor: pump 5 is not reducing aggro range more than pump 4.
  • Exiting and re-entering an instance can cause you to disconnect from the server.
  • You can lock-up your weapon bar by rapidly cycling through the weapons and reloading too frequently. Log off and back on to resolve the issue.
  • If you logout before accepting a clan invite you will be unable to accept the invite, or be re-invited to the clan.
  • Do not logout if you have a venor screen open or it may corrupt vendor items listed.
  • When firing the Polarity Gun you may end up stuck in the firing animation if you try firing with only one shot left in the clip and no other ammo to reload.
  • Do not press ~ while firing a chaingun. If you do the gun will continue to fire and you will lose mouse control. Press ESC to break out of this problem.
  • You cannot exit the Stall Junkyard instance through its exit portal.
  • Ability: Scatterbombs (Tier 4 Grenadier): Incorrect damage type being dealt for pumps 2-5.
  • You may see green water with older versions of ATI video drivers. Upgrade to latest drivers to correct the issue.
  • Staff is not currently getting a bonus to melee damage with each pump level. This is a bug. Both melee and ranged damage should increase with each pump of this skill.
  • If you find yourself crashing you may want to disable deferred lighting in your video options menu.
  • The Rage ability description is incorrect.
  • Using Rushing Blow on a Maw may cause your character to be unable to attack. If this happens, log out and back in to correct the issue.
  • If you die while under the effect of the Spy ability "Polymorph" you can get into a state where you are unable to draw your weapon. If this happens, log out and back in to correct the issue.
  • When you disable tutorial tips via the tutorial tip's dialog box they cannot be turned back on.
  • Some crafting recipies cost the same to make an item as to purchase the item directly from an NPC. This is a bug.
  • Polymorph pump level 2 is not repairing Mechs or Turrets. This is a bug.
  • If you complete the portion of the mission Obstruction Destruction that asks you to Blow up the Downed Dropship and then lose connection or log out, when you get back into bootcamp the detonator acceptor will be floating in midair without anything to blow up.
  • The recipe for Class VII Concussion Grenade states that it requires Crafting: Explosives level 1. This item should be listed as a level 3 or 4 crafting level.
  • Ranger Reinforcements are not doing melee damage.
  • Enemies in the Hydro Plant on Concordia Divide will not attack until attacked first.


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