Tabula Rasa PvP Rankings Information

Today NCSoft released new details about the Player versus Player modes available in Tabula Rasa, including some images of PvP combat taking place in-game, and a new ladder ranking page that displays the top 50 Clans in PvP with the option to view across all servers, or a specific server.

As you can see on the Top 50 Clans page, the stats can be sorted by any of the available rows, displaying clan name, rank, server, wins, losses and win/loss ratio. The data currently available is from pre-order customers participating in the pre-launch headstart event. Soon, the stats will also track the top duelists in the game, along with the current top 50 clans, showing who is the best of the best at dueling in Tabula Rasa.

Head over to the PvP Ranks section to check it out.

<center>RGTR Ladders 1RGTR Ladders 2RGTR Ladders 3</center>


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