Feedback Friday - 11/02

The latest Feedback Friday is now available on the Tabula Rasa website. Today is also launch day for the game, so it's no doubt very hectic around the NCsoft offices.

Regardless, the TR team has taken the time to answer some of the hot topic questions submitted through the Feedback Form found on the official website. You can check them out below, or head over to the Feedback Friday page to read them along with other content available this week.

Q: Where are my CE goodies?
A: Check your backpack! Dye is in the crafting tab and the pet is in the Misc tab. If you activated your CE while in-game, you may need to log out and back in for the goodies to show up.

Q. Are there any trials available for the game?
A. We don’t have any trials available at the moment, but do plan to have some at a later date.

Q. Please make the backpack, auto-close after you loot a crate, or quest item!
A. This is actually a bug that will disappear in an upcoming patch.

Q. Is there a way to view the server status?
A. We *just* added it. You can view it by going to and choosing Server Status in the main section of the site.

Q. I’ve noticed the new Clan PvP page. Why hasn’t my PvP clan appeared on this list?
A. It takes 24 hours for the PvP ladders to update, so just check back the next day and it should be there. But remember, only the top 50 clans are listed, so you will need to be one of them to be on the list!

Q. How do I get my US clan site added to the webpage?
A. Use the Fansite Submission form located here:

Q. I pre-ordered, but my Tabula Rasa Retail Box is still in the mail. Will I be able to play in the interim?
A. Yes, there is a grace period to add your retail serial code if you pre-ordered. The pre-order codes by themselves will end on Monday, so make sure to add your retail code by then.

Q. I pre-ordered from online, why hasn’t my box been mailed to me?
A. The PlayNC Store only sells digital downloads. Because of this, you will not be receiving a box.


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