AFS Sci-Fi Trivia Challenge

Sci-Fi fans get ready! If you play Tabula Rasa, then this is your chance to participate in a special in-game event thrown by Richard Garriott himself. Garriott will be hosting the AFS Sci-Fi Trivia Challenge on all servers today, November 6th, 2007. It's your chance to show off your Sci-Fi knowledge, hang out with Richard Garriott, and maybe even win some credits to spend on all of that ammunition, weaponry, and armor you'll need to survive in Tabula Rasa.

The times are different for each server, so check them out below to make sure you're on at the right time.

  • Centaurus 1pm – Central
  • Pegasus – 6pm Central
  • Orion – 8 pm Central
  • Cassiopeia – 9pm Central


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