Tabula Rasa Referral Program Announced

NCsoft introduces new referral program for Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa

As of November 14th, players can now refer a friend to play Tabula Rasa for a chance to receive a month of free game time.

To take part in the referral program, simply login to your PlayNC account by visiting the PlayNC Account Management Page. Head over to the game account details for Tabula Rasa and you'll find a "Refer a Friend" link. Click this to get started.

The Destination Games development team is also continuing their commitment to introducing new features to the game. Military Surplus, Hybrids, more instances and a whole lot more are all in the pipeline to be implemented -- so the months ahead should be interesting times for Tabula Rasa players.

Head over to the Tabula Rasa Referral Program page on the Tabula Rasa website to find out more.


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