Feedback Friday - 4th Jan 2008

Another Friday and yet more feedback from the guys over at RGTR. There are some new features, some bug fixes and some clarifications on what may or may not be happening in the future for Tabula Rasa.

Living on Foreas or Arieki is a battle for survival at the best of times, but with the new year, the AFS High Commandment wishes all of you fighting out there a year of discovery and salvation, a year when we will be given the opportunity to harden our stance against the evil brought upon us by the Bane, a year when technological innovations will allow us to do more than just survive, a year when we will be able to find the time to stop fighting for a little while and enjoy the company of one another. But perhaps this goes beyond the scope of a mere wish, perhaps this is a premonition, that of a better future…

We are kicking off 2008 with the new 1.4 patch which includes several new features. Here’s a sneak peak at a few of the 1.4 patch notes before it goes to the Public Test Server.

New Features:

Hybrids – Mix a dash of human with a sprinkle of alien, and see what comes out of the oven. (More details to come soon…)

Hide Helmet Option – Now you can show off that lovely helmet hair, and/or your new hybrid’s Alien face. Attribute Changes – Your Body, Mind, and Spirit were overhauled over the Holiday break. With these changes comes an Ability and Attribute respec. See Paul’s post for details.

Important Bug Fixes:

Your mission log should no longer reset when you log out.

Mires Improvements (see below). The staff animation was changed (see below).

Mires Performance Issues:

The Mires performance issues should be resolved with the next update (1.4). In the last few updates we included a number of large technology improvements for Mires; however, its performance is still not in line with our desired numbers. For example, the creature count on Mires is only slightly higher than desired, but due to the large scale, warzone-like design of the map, there were four times as many creatures in combat as any other map. Mires also contains many locations where both friendly and enemy drop ships were appearing literally within meters of each other. To guarantee that the performance of Mires is on par with other maps for the next update, we’ve made some changes to the design of Mires that greatly improves the performance without making the map significantly different.

Change of the staff animation:

The staff is going through a makeover. Unfortunately, due to an integration error, part of the update leaked onto live before it was ready (that was the x5 speed increase). We hot fixed this by reducing the damage down by 1/5 which brings its DPS back to where it was. The results are a staff that only got a partial pass, none of which makes it any more fun or useful. The team will deliver the final results in an upcoming patch which promises to be a great improvement over its previous and current implementation.

In short, the speed increase was one small part of a large change that got leaked early and messed things up… We’ve tried to patch things together until the complete update goes live. This has some anomalies associated with it, though ultimately the staff maintains the same DPS as it did before the patch.

Gold Selling/Advertising:

We are aware of current issues involving “credit/gold” sellers and advertising in the chat channel. We have already made several improvements to crack down on these players and are currently working on other options to prevent them from disrupting game play. Please be advised that buying or selling in game credits, as well as in-game advertising, is against the Tabula Rasa User Agreement and will lead to a banned account. When encountering these players, use the /ignore command.

Chat Channels:

On the subject of chatting, there has been some confusion on each chat channel’s main purpose. Here’s a quick overview:

General (English, French, and German) – Local and Area messages. Be polite as possible when speaking in these channels. As a guideline, its best to keep the following “hot” topics out of General Chat to avoid arguments: politics, religion, “nerf” discussions, and of course, Chuck Norris. If any other channel can apply to your topics, please state it in that particular channel.

New Player – Get help with the basics of Tabula Rasa. Great place to ask questions about lower level content such as Wilderness or Divide. If you are not sure where to ask your question, ask here! LFG – Find a group for an instance or other types of missions on your map. Also great for clan recruiting. Trade – Quick shout outs for selling or buying items.

PTS Contest:

We appreciate those that help us test out newly released content on PTS before it goes to live. As a thank you, we plan to have a contest soon where players can obtain black armor dye for their character, just by logging in to help test 1.4 once it’s released to PTS! More to come on this contest in the upcoming days…


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