Feedback Friday - 8th Feb

Over at the official Tabula Rasa website, they have published their well known Feedback Friday, this time including a preview of version 1.5's patch notes, changes to speed of combat and several community related contributions.

Speed of Combat

We've noticed your concerns with the speed of combat and soloability since 1.4. These issues stem from the way attributes worked with creatures pre-patch to the way they work now. There are several changes in 1.5 that may improve upon this issue, but we are still investigating additional changes.

1.5 Patch Note Preview

  • When being Resuscitated on the battlefield, the player now receives a confirmation dialog box, allowing choice of whether and when to be revived.
  • Created and implemented various icons for defaults and ammunition icons signifying difference in grade.
  • Armor Optimization: We are working to make player armor more efficiently use video card resources. In this publish, we have optimized all Light Armor suits. This may cause slight changes to the visual appearance of some piece of Light Armor.

Head over here to read more.


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