Feedback Friday - 7th March

Tabula Rasa Headline

It's Friday, time for feedback Friday for Tabula Rasa! This time you can preview a few of the changes that are planned for patch 1.6, facts about the revamped kill streak multiplier, experience boosters are being added and/or changed. Group experience bonus is explained as well.

Sneak peek at version 1.6:

With 1.6 in the works right now, we thought we'd give you a sneak peek of what you will able to experience for yourself once 1.6 goes live. These are but a couple of those handy little features that were requested at some point or another and we would be happy to get your feedback on some of the changes outlined below by using our Feedback Form.

Kill Streak Multiplier

The kill streak multiplier has been updated to make leveling easier at higher levels. Previously, the same multiplier was available to everyone regardless of their level and players could only reach a maximum of plus 250%.

The multiplier will be changed to a whole number and the maximum multiplier increases as players go up in level. The whole numbers will look a bit familiar to you if you played back in beta, but a lot has changed as to when you’ll get the bonus.

  • Up to Level 9, maximum multiplier is x2
  • From 10 to 19, maximum multiplier is x3
  • From 20 to 29, maximum multiplier is x4
  • From 30 to 39, maximum multiplier is x5
  • From 40 onward, maximum multiplier is x6

.. Read about it all here.


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