Hands-On With Starbreeze Studios' Cyberpunk Shooter 'Syndicate'

Electronic Arts and Starbreeze Studios released their cyberpunk-themed first-person shooter Syndicate last week and we've had a chance to check the game out over the past few days.

Syndicate is inspired by EA's 1990s-era franchise of the same name, although it is not necessarily a 'remake'. Syndicate is a reboot of the original franchise, staying true to the cyberpunk theme but breathing fresh life into the series. In Syndicate, players fight as Agent Miles Kilo, who has recently been equipped with the game's much-anticipated DART overlay. The DART overlay is one of Syndicates strongest assets and is a blast to make use of.

Agents are fitted with a DART 6 chip, a prototype neural chip that grants the user incredible assets and connectivity, rendering nearly all electronic devices useless as the Agent themselves is constantly connected. As a direct result of DART technology, the world is no longer controlled governmentally but rather by major corporations known as Syndicates.

The DART overlay allows players to see through surfaces including walls and crates to track enemies. It also speeds up your reaction time so that enemies seem clumsy and slow, allowing you to efficiently and quickly take them down. The DART overlay allows for a host of specialties which come into play in the game's deep co-op offering.

Co-op in Syndicate is based directly on missions from the original Syndicate game, for up to four players online. Players unlock upgrade points in co-op that allows them to customize the way that they DART overlay works including buffs that they can use for themselves or their team. Because the player is deeply connected, they are able to heal friendly Agents at the push of a button and even defuse grenades as they are lobbed in their direction - both of these features are included in the co-op footage above.

Overall, Syndicate features a deep array of weapons and abilities as well as an engaging storyline that keeps you interested until the last chapter. For more information on Syndicate, be sure to check out!


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