Flux Luxury Edition Headset & Free Mobile Gaming Controller from SteelSeries

So we've already told you all about SteelSeries's new Freedom to Play line, but we wanted to take a few minutes and talk to you about compatibility, luxury, and some other new details that have surfaced about a couple of these amazing new designs. 

Free Mobile Gaming Controller

A cross-platform, wireless Bluetooth controller.  Insanely useful, right?  You can use this lightweight, classically designed controller on oodles of devices, and recharge while you play for uninterrupted game time.  A list of features:
  • Command mobile games with real buttons and joysticks
  • Reconnect with a familiar layout: Dual analog sticks, Dpad, 2 trigger buttons and the classic 4 buttons
  • 10+ hours of hardcore wireless play, or 20+ hours of casual play time - plus, recharge while you play
  • Compatible with Android devices, PC, and Mac via Bluetooth
Above all of this, SteelSeries has worked on an open software development kit, making it ultra-easy to integrate by any game publisher for free.  This has the potential to be compatible with everything, which is why it's a must-have for gamers on the go.  Head to the SteelSeries shop to grab your own for $79.99.

Flux Luxury Edition Headset

Like the original Flux, this one is designed to give you maximum freedom and compatibility.  You can use this stylish cross-platform headset anywhere, with nearly any device.  

It can be customized completely from looks to usage, and is as comfortable as it is versatile.  The Luxury Edition comes equipped with the quality audio features you expect from SteelSeries:

  • Friends can listen in to the same device by plugging their set into the share port on your Flux
  • Detach the cable and fold the earcups flat for easy travel
  • Both PC and Mobile/Mac cables are included
  • 40mm drivers and in-line omnidirectional microphone give you the SteelSeries quality audio experience you expect
Then, the team steps up their game even more with a sleek black and orange design, special edition silver side plates, orange swappable mobile/Mac & PC cables, and premium leather ear cushions.  An extra set of glossy black side plates and zip carrying case finish off the ensemble.
Details on this glorious piece of ear candy can be found at, where you can be put on the notifcation list for when it becomes available.  The original Flux is available now for $99.99 from the shop if you just can't wait.

SteelSeries is constantly pushing the boundaries of peripheral technology to deliver hardcore and casual gamers alike the quality and flexibility they desire.  If you enjoy their Freedom to Play line, you should definitely check out the rest of their offerings over at


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