Steelseries Sensei RAW


Sometimes, less is more. The professional gamer who's on the road to tournaments and off at lan parties, typically has much different requirements of their hardware than the dedicated gamer who enjoys playing from home or the office. Steelseries sees this, and has made some modifications to it's tournament-ready Sensei line to accomodate gamers of every breed. Welcome to the Steelseries Sensei RAW, a new iteration of the Sensei line that boasts an amazing arsenal of features at a very reasonable price tag. For those new to the product, check out the video below for some insight on the original Sensei.

The RAW does exactly what it was designed to: strips the features that would really only appeal to a professional gamer, and makes the same quality construction and features available to those who game from home and love doing it. In terms of those features, the Sensei RAW does away with the metallic surface, fancy colored lights, LCD menu, and onboard processor. Instead, take your pick of rubberized or plastic surface finishes, survivable omron switches for a tactile click, seven programmable buttons, a pro grade laser sensor, and Steelseries Engine support. What this means, in a nutshell, is that gamers can still experience fine-tuned customization software, dependable hardware, and a sleek product. Just plug it in, and win.

Ambidextrous is the name of the game for Steelseries' Sensei line, and the RAW maintains that standard with an outrageously comfortable shape - particularly for claw and fingertip grips - and features all of Steelseries' legacy goodies, such as a braided cable, advanced macro recording, and input from professional gaming teams during design and production. Typically, when EvilGeniuses and Navi give it the go ahead, you know it won't flake out on you right before you land a win. In fact, it might just get you there a little bit sooner.

As a piece of gaming hardware it comes from Curse highly recommended, but as a member of Steelseries' flagship line and most fine-tuned product, the Sensei, you'd simply be out of your mind to pass this one up if it's slightly pricier sibling was just a little too intense. This is the mouse designed for the everyman, the gamer who wants to dominate from home and really doesn't need programmable onboard profiles and color identification. The Sensei RAW will hit store shelves in July at an MSRP of $59.99 and is exactly what the Sensei line needed to expand it's dominion over gamers of all shapes and sizes. Until then, check out Steelseries' official site for release notifications and quality gaming peripherals!  


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