10,000 Players Log In To Half-Life 2 To Raise Interest In Half-Life 3

If there is one game that the PC community wants info on, more than just about any other title, it has to be Valve's Half-Life 3. In the past, players have camped outside of Valve's headquarters in Bellevue, Washington and have even written letters to Valve's Co-Founder Gabe Newell.

Over this past weekend, players decided to protest the lack of Half Life 3 news in a new way; by playing Half Life 2. The idea behind the protest was to show Valve just how many fans are eagerly awaiting news on Half Life 3, by building a huge playercount on Steam playing Half Life 2. All told, over 10,000 players logged in for the constructive protest and while that is certainly an impressive figure, the earlier projects were that 50,000 players would be signing on.

Still, 10,000 players showing their support for the Half Life 3 movement won't go under Valve's radar. Now, time will tell if the team reveals any new information, if indeed they have any new information to reveal.


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