Stargate Worlds News

Stargate Worlds is heavy in development and the Stargate Worlds home page has some interesting tidbits of information for all of us waiting for and desperatly wanting this game.

Among the more interesting bits of information, spoke to Senior Marketing Manager, Kevin Balentine, from CME and also got hold of some exclusive screenshots from the new MMORPG being made by Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment.

Along with that, "Bizzaro" Derek Sunshine, World Builder, posted a biography about his life up until working with the guys at CME on Stargate Worlds.

You can read the full interview with Kevin Balentine here and check Derek Sunshines' bio out here.

As well as that, got the chance to feature the concept artwork for a brand new planet in Stargate Worlds.

The architecture is distinctly Ancient in origin, with the familiar spires of Atlantis, but the environment itself is very alien. Plasma and electrical discharges light the surface, with crystalline formations jutting out from below.

You can see the full article on the new Ancient planet here.


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