PvP, Ascension and Housing!

Stargate Worlds, an MMORPG based on the popular Stargate franchise, is getting ever closer to release and in true style, more and more mouth watering pieces of information are being spewed forth from the mouths of the few people who know what is going on - the devs. sat down with 5 of the developers from the CME team to discuss some of the content and ideas that will be appearing in the sci-fi MMO, due out next year.

The team took questions from the avid fans that had gathered to grill the guys about the title and they gave some interesting peaks into what the game will be like on release.

Here's a peak at some of the questions the guys from CME were asked during the chat.

[MMORPG]Taera:Seeceo asks: Will there be a housing system?

[SGW]Sean: We're all very interested in the idea of controlling space in the universe - planets, ships, etc. - but at the moment, we don't plan to launch with a housing system

[MMORPG]Taera:Flawless187 asks: Will there be any siege system , or something like that?

[SGW]ledaye: When we deliver PvP, there will be combat spaces, but the exact nature of those spaces is still uncertain. The basic idea is that they will tend towards 'meeting engagement' types of spaces, but anything is possible.

[MMORPG]Taera:blkjag asks: crafting give us an example of how it will work from resources to finish products

[SGW]Brian: That's a big question for a short time period, so I'll do my best to give you as much info as I can right now. :)

[SGW]Brian: The basic crafting system as 4 branches of technology.

[SGW]Brian: Players will need to level up in the different branches to gain access to additional blueprints and things to craft.

[SGW]Brian: You'll be able to reverse engineer drops from the game to learn blueprints and to gain resources that you then use to build.

[SGW]Brian: Different races in the game have access to different parts of the crafting tree.

[MMORPG]Taera:Archetype asks: Hello. I was wondering what your plans are for PVP, and more speecifically if you are planning on implementing an FFA PVP server? Thank you!

[SGW]ledaye: Our launch plans include at least one FFA server, but with the majority of servers being non-FFA. Ultimately, we plan to deliver something similar to the 'battlegrounds' in other games, where set-piece conflicts can occur.

[SGW]ledaye: But that will not be there at launch. Those battlegrounds will be instanced, and they will range in size.

[SGW]ledaye: As dictated by our unfolding fiction.

So what did this chat reveal? Well, very conveniently, a lot of information that was otherwise fragmented around the Internet has been neatly inserted into the dev chat. Here's a list of things that were revealed by the devs.


It seems that Stargate Worlds is heading in the progressive content direction with a solid storyline evolving as the game ages. Despite this confirmation of sorts, CME are still closely guarding what the story will actually entail but did state that we will see things like Humans allying with the Goa'Uld, something that is very rarely seen in the show.

As well as this, the storyline will play a massive roll in ensuring that players aren't subjected to the, "go here, kill these, come back," style of quest grinding. Apparently, questing will be almost completely void of NPC characters and quests will be attained by constructing/discovering items.

Players will be made to feel like they are actually part of the Stargate Universe instead of just playing a game. As they level up, their actions will dictate the world around them in what many are dubbing, "progressive content," that is directly influenced by player actions.


There will apparently be a PvP system much like Battlegrounds in games such as World of Warcraft and on launch, the plan is to have at least one battleground available. As well as that, there are plans to have at least one PvP server available on launch but there will be more none-PvP servers than PvP servers. Players who don't usually PvP will be encouraged across to this side of the game via rewards but nobody will be forced into PvP.

For those of you who don't know, SGW will employ ranged combat that allows for cover and other dodge mechanics. This is to give it the real feel of a Stargate shoot out with an enemy. The game will be third person and take elements from FPS games. The devs said that players will need to be aware of the wider area around them and that every move they make in PvP will matter.


There will be crafting systems in SGW that will allow players to create items for quests or just to better their equipment. There will be 4 different branches of crafting for different technologies. Players will need to level into each branch to attain the best that that branch has to offer. You'll also be able to reverse engineer drops from the game so that you can learn how to make that item.

The crafting system sounds like it could allow for quite a bit of diversity.


Many players feared that Stargate Worlds would employ a similar system to Guild Wars and Hellgate London, where by the Stargates represented instanced areas. Despite this, CME assured everyone that the game world would be, "20% instanced [...] 80% none-instanced," which suggests that most planets and places that players can visit will be persistent.

Things are starting to take form over at CME. With the Unreal Engine at their disposal, Stargate Worlds is set to be a beautiful game graphically and the mechanics that are being discussed at the moment suggest that game play wise, it could be an interesting title to say the least.

You can read the full dev chat transcript from here.


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