Interviews, Concept Art and Much More!

It’s been a busy few days for the guys over at CME with a brand new interview and several other goodies being put up on the website.

Interview with Josh Kurtz

The lead World Builder for the upcoming MMO took time out of his busy schedule to sit down and talk to Stargate-Fusion, a predominantly French Stargate fan site, about why he feels Stargate Worlds has a good chance of becoming a legendary title.

The MMO market is a dangerous place because to be honest the exploration of how to build one and what will make a good one has only just begun. Think of it as kind of like when the British first started really exploring India. In fact in many ways building an MMO could be related to travelling through the Stargate, you are taking the knowledge you have into a place few people have been with no idea of the pitfalls that await you or the monsters waiting in the shadows to kill you in messy ways.

That being said I think that the team we have assembled here really knows what they are doing and the project is headed in some very positive directions. So yes, I do think this game has a shot at being one of the main titles in the genre.

You can read the interview with Stargate-Fusion and Josh Kurtz in both English and French.

New Concept Art and Screenshots

Along with the interview, the SGW website has news of a brand new picture gallery with 9 new images from the upcoming title. You have to register on the forum to view these though but it is well worth it!

There are also 11 new screenshots and concept artwork over at the Stargate Worlds Gallery so if you haven’t seen those, get going! You don’t have to register for these ones either!


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