The Daily Quest: Stargate Worlds Interview

Some of you may have read the interview we featured with the newly-created WoW-themed dating website, Datecraft. If not, head over to The Daily Quest and check it out - it is well worth the read.

We promised you that we would be doing everything we can to get you exciting interviews with developers, community sites and a host of other people involved in the MMO industry and we intend to keep that promise...

Have you heard of Cheynne Mountain Entertainment? Well, they are developing one of the most highly anticipated MMOGs of 2008, Stargate Worlds. Set in the lore-rich universe of Stargate, the game promises to be an exciting title and is shaping up to sound like a game worth playing. We decided to get in contact with the guys at CME to ask them if we could ask some questions of our own and they thankfully said yes! It doesn't stop there...

We want you guys to get the answers you want to hear and as such, we are opening the floor for questions! If you have a question for the guys at CME working on Stargate Worlds, then simply send them to us and we will pass them along!

So get thinking! This chance to ask them your questions closes on JANUARY 1st 2008!


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