Stargate Worlds Diary #2: Stories

Stargate World Creative Director Chris Klug has posted his second development diary, which talks about the ways of developing story scenes that influence the audience.

While having the audience empathize with the characters and writing creditable entertaining dialogue both help, these are but modifiers that aid the basic creative effort, which is to arrange the scenes in your work in order to evoke the most powerful emotions possible. The reason this is your goal as a writer is simple. People come to feel something; they don't come to THINK. In essence, they come to be emotionally manipulated, and the writer is the architect of that manipulation.

"Think about telling a joke. There are people who have trouble doing this. Most often, their difficulty comes from not understanding the way the joke is structured (setup, reversal, punch line). Both the timing and selection of all the elements must be in place for the joke to be funny. It is the same with the structure of stories.

As well as that, he posted some new concept images and Jaffa building renders.

You can read the diary and see the images here.


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