Win a Stargate Worlds t-shirt on SG1-Radio

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and SG1-Radio are teeming up to offer fans rare Stargate Worlds merchandise in this Saturday's radio program!

What must you do to be the winner? It's simple! Play Stargate trivia live on SG1-Radio by tuning in to the broadcast and answering the questionsin the Stargate Worlds chatroom!

Questions pertain to all live-action Stargate, including the feature film, SG-1 and Atlantis. Questions are given point values for their difficulty. Answer the most (or hardest) questions the most often and we'll mail you a t-shirt!

The next chance to win is this Saturday, December 8 at 5 PM Eastern (GMT-5), 2 PM Pacific. Come with your Stargate knowledge sharpened!

Also be sure to visit and check out their latest reskin!


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