New Planet; Four New Images; Brand New IRC Chat Room

With the first teaser for Stargate Worlds finally released, indicating that the new MMORPG from Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment is well on its way to hitting its 2008 release date, CME have released information about a new planet - Anima Vitrus - as well as four new concept images from the upcomming title.

Brand New Planet - Anima Vitrus

Stargate Worlds: Anima Vitrus

The new planet - Anima Vitrus - has been revealed in an exclusive at Gamespot. The planet, which was first seen in the first teaser trailer for the new MMOG, is a lush green world and if you want to see what it looks like in cinematic form, watch the teaser here.

Anima Vitrus is a world rife with building-sized plant life. Interspersed throughout its landscape are derelict Ancient buildings. The animated character released in Shad Bradbury's podcast, "Lenny," will be found on this world.

You can view some screenshots of Anima Vitrus as well as another planet, Agnos, as well as lots of other cool images, here.

Four New Images

Along with a brand new planet, the Official Stargate Worlds Gallery is featuring four new images from the upcomming MMORPG.

The images feature concepts for a Goa'Uld planet as well featuring Castles and primitive Human settlements.

Remember to head over to the gallery to check these and all of the other screenshots and concepts CME have to offer!

Brand New IRC Channel

Fans have come together to provide those people wanting to communicate with the developers at CME a way to do so in the form of an IRC channel. The channel (details will follow) will be the place to grill devs and fans a like about what they want and are waiting for.

From the beginning of 2007, developers of the game started to poke around after which the possibility came that too many will connect at once from Cheyenne Mountain's headquarters. This would cause the network's services to think they're all the same person because they all have the same IP Address, and G-Line (ban) them.

The Stargate Worlds IRC network is located on If you are new to IRC or you don't have a client, you can used the java based app located here.


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