Klug talks Stargate content

With the recent release of the Stargate Worlds trailer sparking quite a debate from fans of the Stargate franchise, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment Creative Director, Chris Klug, took time out to post a thread over on the Stargate Worlds forums, where he responds to comments he's read thus far.

Chris is very candor in the post, immediately making it clear that CME wants to hear everything -- whether you have something positive or negative to send their way, don't hold back -- the game is being developed for the fans.

"Hi, in the wake of the trailer airing, thought I'd take a moment to drop in and post . . . especially after enjoying the forum threads detailing your reactions. This is all great stuff and I encourage you to express your opinions of our work, pro and con. This is an entertainment business, and we do what we do for you and your enjoyment."

Cheyenne Mountain is in a very strong position -- they have creative power to introduce new concepts and ideas to the Stargate universe, and while they will hold true to the license, they do have plans to introduce content that hasn't been seen previously in the franchise.

"So, what’s the point of this long post? This: Cheyenne is passionate about building a game we all want to play (both you and us), a game that feels every minute like you’re inside an episode of SG-1 or Atlantis. That is the most important thing to us and to me, day-in and day-out. To that end, we have and will continue to bring new ideas to the Stargate universe. I want you to love what we do, but until I can tell you more about what we’re doing, until I can actually show you what we’re doing, I’m asking you to trust us. At least a little. And, I think I can humbly ask you for that, because Brad and Robert have grown to trust us with their baby. I really hope you’re willing to go along for the ride."

It's a great down-to-earth post, and very refreshing to see from a developer that has an opportunity to create a living, breathing world out of a well-known and loved IP, so head over to the thread to join the discussion.


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