Interview with IGN

The Stargate Worlds team has sat down with the guys at IGN to discuss the upcoming MMO from Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. The interview reveals lots about the game that we didn't know, such as gate mechanics and PvP information.

It is well worth a read!

IGN: When sitting back and brainstorming how this game was going to move forward, what were some of the main things you wanted to accomplish?

Dan Elggren: The first is the combat. Making something that's unique in the MMO universe that also fits within the Stargate universe, and that's also compelling and allows you to grow. One of the things we're looking at for combat is we're not just a typical we each have a sword and hit each other over the head until one of us dies or throw spells at each other. It's got to be a little bit more dynamic. We have P90s and machine guns and staff weapons and laser beams, so we've got to make it a little more fast and loose.

We've integrated something with the AI that if I shoot Chris and all his buddies are around him, all his buddies are going to engage and get into a combat scenario and look for cover and flanking positions. There's a little bit more dynamic movement in the AI and how they react to each other so it puts a little more emphasis on the player and their strategy. You've got to worry more about control and watch not only the guy you're attacking but the three other guys that are taking up the best position on you. Some of your abilities are going to help you with this kind of crowd control.

It definitely feels different. And also you can go into the same scenario multiple times and the AI is going to react differently just by how you approach it, different abilities, and also how they take cover and how they move and the type of spells they're going to put on you. Spells is probably not the best word, but...

You can read the full interview here.


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