Klug talks to RPG Vault

Chris Klug of CME has added the latest installation in his dev diaries at RPG Vault. This time he continues to talk about player choices and how the game encouragews players to listen to his/her conscience.

Last installment, I summarized a mission from Earth & Beyond, where you, as a member of the Jenquai race, were sent to destroy a shipment of Progen weapons. Those "weapons" turned out to be genetically altered children. To deconstruct it, we must first understand what emotion the writer wanted for his audience. This first step is crucial, because this kind of decision goes to the heart of entertainment: a creator manipulating the audience to feel something. In this case, the audience can certainly feel exhilaration at the success of the mission, or frustration at failing it.

The player can either feel guilty for killing children knowingly or feel guilty for killing children unwittingly... a true dilemma.

Head over to RPG Vault to read the full diary!


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