Ask the Creative Director of SGW anything

There's a thread over at the official Stargate Worlds forums where you're invited to ask their Creative Director anything you want!

The creative director behind our upcoming MMO has pitched a tent in the "Ask Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment" forum. Ask him a question and he just might answer back!

"Ask me anything, really," invites Klug. "Personal, game-related, whatever you want. If I know and can tell you, I will. If I know and I can't tell you yet, I'll tell you that. I'll tell you why we did stuff. Like Khatie said, you may not like the answer, but this is a 'no b.s.' zone."

This thread is filled with various nuggets of previously unanswered information about the game, as well as Klug himself. Despite his busy schedule, Chris has already found time to make an incredible number of responses! The community staff thanks him immensely and invites you to participate if you haven't already.

Ask Our Creative Director (Ledaye)! (Pronounced Luh-Day)


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