Blizzard and ESL Partner Up for World Championship Series

Blizzard Entertainment and the Electronic Sports League have partnered for several events around the world for the Starcraft II World Championship series, where the world’s best StarCraft II players compete for cash prizes and glory at events around the globe  Kicked off in April of this year, the WCS has provided intense competition for thousands of viewers to enjoy already, with much more to come.

ESL will be participating in Nationals, Continentals, and Finals - the Nationals winners qualifying for the Continentals, which will in turn determine the participants for the final ultimate showdown.  ESL is the largest league for gamers in Europe, consisting of more than 3.4 million registered members and more than 800,000 teams!

Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft II World Championship Series tournaments in partnership with ESL:
- May 1: Italy Nationals, Naples
- May 5/6: Brazil Nationals, Rio de Janeiro
- May 12: Poland Nationals, Wroclaw
- May 12: Netherlands & Belgium Nationals, Rotterdam
- May 26/27: Spain Nationals, Madrid (studio tournament with public Barcraft events in Madrid and Barcelona)
- June 2/3: Germany Nationals, Cologne
- June 23: Singapore Nationals
- June 23/24: “Combined European” Nationals (ESL TV studio event)
- June 30/July 1: UK Nationals, London
- July 5 – 8: France Nationals, Paris
- July 14/15: South America Finals, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
- July 21/22: Russian Federation & Ukraine Nationals, Kiev

For more information, head to the official WCS overview page!


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