StarCraft II Headed to China in Open Beta

The folks at Activision Blizzard have announced that they are getting ready to launch StarCraft II into the Chinese video game market. StarCraft II launched in North America, Europe and many other nations on July 27th of last year so there's no doubt that gamers in China have been anxious to get their hands on the worlds fastest-selling real time strategy game.

We learned today that Activision Blizzard is going to first launch StarCraft II as an open beta in China beginning on March 29th, 2011. Testers in the open beta will have access to the multiplayer modes of StarCraft II for free but we haven't received word yet if there will be any modes outside of multiplayer available for play.

As with any beta, Activision Blizzard will actively be taking in data and feedback on the beta's progress and when the game is ready for public consumption it will be released in a retail environment. Exact details on release date and pricing are unavailable at this time.

A Chinese release of StarCraft II was something briefly mentioned in Activision's fourth-quarter earnings call with investors earlier in the year, so it's great to see that project coming to life.

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