Blizzard Clarifies Stance On “World Of StarCraft” Mod

After yesterday’s “poopstorm,” as Ryan — World of StarCraft’s creator — puts it, there’s more information about why all of the videos were deleted from YouTube. Ryan managed to get in contact with representatives from Blizzard Entertainment, and discovered what their stance is on the StarCraft II mod.

Last night he was contacted by the “Deputy General Council” to discuss the project. Interestingly, the people he spoke with at Blizzard thought he was creating World of StarCraft outside of the StarCraft II map editor as a standalone game. That looks to be the major reason for them reacting like they did. But there is more.

They want the name changed, as expected. The reason for this is because of the trademarks Blizzard has on StarCraft, and concerns that gamers may connect the “World of” portion of the name to an official Blizzard offering due to World of Warcraft. The current hope is to name the mod “StarCraft Universe,” though that’s already taken by someone. Ryan is in the process of acquiring approval to either merge his mod with the current Universe mod, or just outright use the name.

All that said, Blizzard doesn’t have a trademark on “World of StarCraft” as a name, but their trademarks on StarCraft itself would easily quash any usage of the word in a video game name — mod or full title — if they actually wanted to pursue any action.

On the bright side, Ryan was also contacted by Riot Games — makers of League of Legends — about a job opportunity with the studio. So it’s not all bad news with regards to the mod, because it may have gotten his foot in the door in the game industry. And pretty fast.

Image by PixelatedGeek


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