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Want to keep up with the latest news and tournaments on SC2Replayed? Now you can. Follow or "like" us on Facebook and "tweet" us on Twitter. This is the best way you can to keep up with us, as well as ask us direct questions regarding the site, tournaments, and everything SC2Replayed. During our epic BlizzCon adventure, we will give you up-to-the-minute news regarding StarCraft 2 and what Blizzard has in store for us.

For Twitter:

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Speaking of news, the replay parse will finally be up and running a bit later today. All older replays from 1.1 that were not parsed correctly will be reparsed tomorrow, and everything will be in working order again! Thanks for hanging in there with us.

Edit: Due to an unexpected error, we will have to delay the push for one more day. Stay tuned.


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