StarCraft II Beta Patch Notes - Patch 12 and 12.1

Patch 12 wasn't anything huge for the SC2 Beta. This time around, Protoss received really minor nerfs, the Terran Thor's model had some adjusting, the Zerg supply for a Roach doubled, and a crash bug was fixed. For anyone interested in Galaxy Edit, the undocumented Map Editor changes can be found on SC2Mapster.

StarCraft II Beta -- Patch 12 (version

The latest patch notes can always be found on our StarCraft II Beta General Discussion forum.

Balance Changes


    • Forge

      • Build time increased from 35 to 45.
      • Life and shield values decreased from 550/550 to 400/400.
    • Mothership

      • Vortex now removes Force Fields within its area of effect.

    • Thor

      • Radius decreased from 1.375 to 0.8125.
      • Model size reduced to match new radius.
  • ZERG

    • Roach

      • Supply count increased from 1 to 2.

User Interface

  • Several Hotkey changes have been made (German client only).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash which sometimes occurred when quitting the program.


StarCraft II Beta -- Patch 12.1 (version

Bug Fixes

  • (Mac Only) Fixed an issue introduced in patch 12 where unusually large error logs were being produced when crashes occurred. Crash logs can be found here: /Users/<username>/Documents/Blizzard/StarCraft II Beta/GameLogs/


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