SWTOR Update 1.6: Ancient Hypergate Live this Week

This week, BioWare released a new update for Star Wars: The Old Republic, bringing a new PvP Warzone and Heroic Space Missions to players worldwide:

  • Warzone: The Ancient Hypergate lets you test your strength with a brand new PvP game mechanic. In this Warzone, Republic and Empire forces are locked in a brutal conflict to control two energy pylons. You must fight to take control of these powerful pylons and kill any foes in your way to discharge a massive blast of energy through your faction’s gate. The first team to open their portal will unleash deadly reinforcements to wipe out enemy players.
  • Heroic Space Missions will challenge your galactic piloting skills. Both Republic and Empire classes have six new repeatable Level 50 Heroic Space Missions. These updated Space Missions are the most intense Space Missions to date and players who are up to the challenge can earn Black Hole Commendations to spend on ship upgrades, high level gear, and more!
Minor fixes and changes have also been made.  Full patch notes are available at
Star Wars: The Old Republic is a colossal story-driven MMO set in George Lucas' Star Wars universe. The game revolutionizes the way MMO's are delivered with high quality, voice-acted dialogue and storylines that change based on your personal choices and consequences. Players will have to choose once and for all; Galactic Republic or Sith Empire. Once your faction is decided, players will be able to select a player class from some excellent, iconic roles.

For the latest info on Star Wars: The Old Republic, be sure to check out and the Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki, as well.


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