BioWare Details Crew Skills in Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 1.2

BioWare has posted an in-depth blog entry that discusses the changes coming to Crew Skills in the impending update 1.2 for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The Crew Skills system has been massively popular, seeing 52 million items are produced or harvested, 4.5 million item mods installed and over 35 million items changing hands every week. BioWare is confident, however, that the Crew Skills system can be better. So, with update 1.2, players can expect some changes to the system, including:

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If your character has the Cybertech profession, you will now be able to sell any of the vehicles you create on the Galactic Trade Network, as we have removed their binding restrictions from the game.

A critical success while crafting grenades now results in double the number of grenades (which also had their cooldown reduced to 3 minutes to allow more frequent use), and a critical success when creating item modifications now yields an additional mod for your efforts.


Players with the Synthweaving profession can now learn schematics allowing the creation of Strength, Willpower, Defense, Alacrity and Presence augments, which may be reverse engineered and researched into their prototype and artifact level variants. As with Armormech, a critical success crafting custom (orange) outfits will add an additional augment slot to the resulting item.

We have also added a number of additional light armor schematics and tweaked the material requirements for some custom (orange) outfits for better balance.

 There are so many more changes coming to a ton of different professions, we definitely recommend giving the full blog post a read. You can find it at and be sure to also stop by Darth Hater and the SWTOR Wiki for more information on Star Wars: The Old Republic!


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