Darth Hater, Live From The SWTOR Guild Summit in Austin

The Darth Hater team is live from Austin, Texas bringing Star Wars: The Old Republic fans the latest news and happenings breaking out of the SWTOR Guild Summit, underway now.

The team will be live blogging and live streaming events over the next few days. For those unfamiliar, the Guild Summit got started yesterday and is geared towards providing a place for guild leaders in Star Wars: The Old Republic to come together from around the world and discuss the game with developers from BioWare. This is an amazing chance for players to give direct feedback to BioWare as well as learn more about the future direction of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

To get an idea of the kind of coverage you can look forward to, drop by the latest blog post and check it out. The morning's events just wrapped up but they'll be starting up again in a few short hours so be sure to bookmark Darth Hater to keep up with the Guild Summit happenings!


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