Rest in Peace, Star Wars Galaxies

With Star Wars: The Old Republic looming on the horizon, the time finally came tonight for fans to say their final goodbyes to Star Wars Galaxies. The Galactic Republic is only big enough for one Star Wars themed MMO, unfortunately, so tonight players logged in to their Star Wars Galaxies accounts for the last time. 

The purpose of tonight's final event, of course, was to determine the fate of the galaxy in one last massive PvP battle. 

Star Wars Galaxies has been around for the past 8 years and there's a very good chance that without this game, many of our favorite MMO's and other online games just wouldn't be the same. Sony Online Entertainment has done the community proud with the game over the last near decade, and its with a heavy heart that we have to see it go.

Tony Tyson, a producer on Star Wars Galaxies, had these touching comments:

From my first day to the last, Star Wars Galaxies was, and will always be, a meaningful and memorable part of my life, an experience I'll treasure and share with anyone who wants to hear a good story. It has been an honor to take this journey with you, the community and all of the team members who have made Star Wars Galaxies such an awesome game.

On behalf of the Star Wars Galaxies team, thank you. We have truly enjoyed getting to know you - our dedicated players - over the years. From in-game events to Fan Faires, we appreciate your continued loyalty and support. It would not have been possible without you.

May the Force be with you. Always.

May the force be with you, indeed.

Of import to note is that, in the coming days, the SWG team will be turning the official homepage at into a Star Wars Galaxies Memory Book, filled with player stories and so much more so be sure to stay tuned for that!

Special thanks to Sony Online Entertainment and all of the talented developers that kept the game going for the past 8 years. As Star Wars Galaxies entered the final moments of its official lifespan, a few server messages flashed across the screen. We'll leave you with two of those messages, the first of which is a quote from the Star Wars Galaxies intro tutorial:

"Get on board the Falcon, Kid. Goodbye Star Wars Galaxies."


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